Mind & Body

We believe that much of the healing we need has to happen not just through our minds, but also our bodies. We can do this through a range of sensory bodily therapies. We recommend Mind & Body therapies for:


– Bodily inhibition

– Low mood

– Creative crises

– Underconfidence

– Shyness

– Trauma


Consider booking alongside psychotherapytherapeutic groupsemotional education classes and personal study.

50 Minutes

Art Therapy

Art therapy has nothing to do with becoming an artist and one certainly doesn’t need to know how to draw ‘well’ (or care at all for drawing) in order to gain a lot from it. Rather, it’s a special technique for helping us to understand ourselves better.

50 Minutes

Writing Therapy

Sometimes, it’s only when we try to write things down that we really work out how we feel about a situation or a person. In this ingenious new form of therapy, we’re asked to express ourselves on the page in a way that will help us to feel more clear-sighted and less burdened.

50 Minutes

Psychosexual Therapy

Our psychosexual therapists are hugely experienced specialists – as well as highly sympathetic human beings. A conversation with them will allow you – either alone or with partner(s) – a chance to explore what is challenging, what you would hope for and what has been complicated.

50 Minutes

Body Therapy

When treating our minds, we should never allow ourselves to forget our bodies – for they are always intimately connected to much of what we are thinking and feeling. As we have come to realise, the body does indeed ‘keep the score.’

1 Hour


We offer EMDR, a specialized technique involving hand tapping and eye movement which activates the brain in a specific way to help us to recover from traumatic experiences.

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