Who We Are

We are a collective of thinkers applying a unique understanding of people and emotions to help businesses discover different ways of working. We specialise in teaching the emotional and interpersonal skills that employees need to succeed and thrive at work, and in facilitating greater engagement and wellbeing within teams. We work with organisations to identify their needs, understand the challenges they face, and deliver an engaging and inspiring programme of change that will allow them to flourish.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in an understanding of emotions and how they govern reasoning and behaviour. While others might diagnose purely logistical or technical problems within teams, we look for what the human causes might be. We put people first: demonstrating how, through self-knowledge and empathy, we can solve a host of related problems and improve the ways we work together.

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Our Beliefs

We start from an empathetic understanding of human beings. We believe that humans are emotional creatures – that how we feel determines how we think/behave – and that by studying our emotions we can learn to work (and live) more effectively. We accept that we are each uniquely gifted and flawed, and this acceptance allows us to play to our strengths and mitigate our weaknesses.

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